Test Strips for Money

How To Trade In Test Strips For Money

woman counts the cash in her wallet after learning how to sell your diabetic test strips

Unfortunately, most diabetics understand that ending up with unusable supplies is a common experience. Whether your insurance coverage, diagnosis, or testing frequency has changed, those extra supplies take up space and leave a hole in your pocket.

The good news is that you can get cash for diabetic supplies and put them in the hands of someone who needs them! At Cash For Diabetics, we’ve perfected the process of trading your test strips for money.

Cash For Diabetes Makes Trading Test Strips Easy

You can use our interactive buy-back tool to get started—the whole process is easy as 1, 2, 3! 

1. Check your eligibility

Do we accept your brand and item?

Always check our pricing guidelines the verify that we accept the diabetic supplies you want to sell. Our list does not change very often but is subject to change based on market conditions.

Are your supplies unexpired?

Ensure your items are at least 3+ months from expiration or 4+ months if you want to sell CGM devices. We offer the highest payout for supplies 10+ months away from expiration! This helps us ensure they are safe and effective for whoever purchases them.

Are your supplies unopened and free of damage?

We cannot accept items that are used, opened, or that have liquid damage. Cosmetic damage will reduce your payout, but you may still be eligible.

2. Request your kit and mail it in!

After you’ve verified your items are eligible, you can request your free shipping kit. We send you a Priority Mail box with a prepaid shipping label. Carefully pack your supplies and send it our way!

3. Cash your check!

We use checks because we take cybersecurity very seriously and they are the best way to safeguard your account. We use same-day processing, so we write your check the day that we inspect your items. You can expect it in 2 to 8 business days!

Get started trading your test trips today!

Have questions about the process of submitting your test strips for money? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any point or stop by our online FAQs for more information. 

You can find details about checking your eligibility to sell diabetic supplies and much more on our blog. Putting cash in your pocket has never been easier!

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