How To Sell Test Strips For Cash: The Complete Guide

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Stocking up on diabetic testing supplies is great—until it isn’t. Sometimes your insurance, or your diagnosis, changes and you’re left with extra supplies that you don’t need. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sell your test strips for cash and provide your extra supplies to a diabetic who needs them?

Cash For Diabetics makes it easy to sell test strips for cash. With our Instant Buy-Back Tool it only takes a few minutes to check your eligibility and request your free shipping kit.

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Here’s how the process works:

Sell Test Strips For Cash In 5 Easy Steps

We’ve spent years perfecting our process for selling diabetic test strips online to make it easy and hassle-free.

1. Verify your band

Cash For Diabetics purchases a variety of test strips and CGM devices from several popular brands. Unfortunately, we cannot buy them all!

If you’re looking to sell test strips for cash, be sure to verify that we purchase your brand on our pricing guidelines page. We always keep our guidelines up today with the products we accept and only purchase specific brands of diabetic test strips in order to meet market demands. This list of brands does not change very often. 

If you use a brand of test strips that we do not purchase, we invite you to explore additional options for selling your test strips, as other companies may purchase different brands for different reasons.

2. Inspect your box

When you use our Instant Buy-Back Tool, you’re following the same guidelines we use to inspect your supplies and determine your payout.

Your payout will depend on the condition of your supplies when you send them. Our highest payouts go to mint condition boxes that are at least 10+ months from their expiration date.

Here are some quick guidelines:

  • Make sure all boxes are factory sealed and unexpired.
  • We cannot accept supplies that are less than 3 months from expiration.
  • We cannot take boxes provided by Medicaid, Medicare, or any other government assistance program. These are typically indicated by an orange or green label!
  • If there are any stickers or labels on the box, please leave them on.

💡Pro Tip: You might cause damage and reduce your payout if you remove labels yourself! You can always cross out identifying information with a magic marker before sending your supplies if that’s a concern. But you can trust that our professional staff will remove any identifying or prescription labels after we inspect your items.

3. Request your free shipping kit

When you sell to Cash For Diabetics, shipping is always 100% covered by us. After you’ve verified your brand and the condition of your diabetic supplies and are ready to sell test strips for cash, request your free mailing kit.

Your kit will arrive in 2 to 8 business days and include the following:

  • A copy of our Terms & Conditions
  • Additional packaging instructions
  • A prepaid shipping label and Priority Mail Box

If you need a bigger box, you can always request that we send just the label or email it to you to print it off. It’s also possible for you to cut out the label from the box we send, and tape it securely to your own box.

4. Ship your items to us

Once you’ve packed your supplies, it’s time to send them on their way!

Tips for packing and shipping your items:

  • Take a picture of your supplies before you pack them.
  • Use tissue paper or newspaper to cushion your supplies in the box.

Your prepaid shipping label comes with USPS tracking, so you can follow your package’s progress all the way to our warehouse. You’ll also receive an email when it arrives.

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In our effort to be transparent and honest with every customer, during the inspection process, we take photos of every box we receive. We encourage our customers to do the same when they pack and ship their prepaid box.

5. Get cash

We implement same-day payment processing. Once our product inspectors have verified the brand and condition of your diabetic test strip box, we send you a check.

Call us old-fashioned if you’d like, but we prefer to stick to paper checks to ensure the security of your online account when you sell CGM devices. Keep an eye out for your check in the mailbox, it typically arrives within 8 business days!

How to find a place to sell test strips for cash

As we said, there are some diabetic test strips and brands that we cannot accept. In those instances, we recommend finding another reputable business to sell your test strips. 

Knowing where to sell test strips for cash is the first and most important step to getting paid for unused supplies (and helping another diabetic manage the disease).

Signs of a reputable diabetic test strip buyer:

1. Quality customer service

You should always be able to contact or online chat with their agents with any questions you may have. Social proof plays a big role when making a decision these days. More than half of online shoppers read multiple reviews before making a commitment, and we’re all for it! Reviews can shed light on the custom service quality of a company.

Finding potential buyers’ reviews should be simple, that’s why we even highlight some on our website. Remember to look beyond their star rating, keeping an eye out for positive notes about transparency, privacy, and ease. 

2. Clear pricing guidelines

Any diabetic test strip buyer should have easy-to-follow pricing guidelines available for you. You should be able to know exactly what determines a full payout and how much you’ll get paid for your items.

3. Helpful online tools

They should make it simple to navigate to where you need to go, whether you’re looking to learn more, view pricing guidelines, check your eligibility, or get started

4. They don’t accept expired or government-funded products

This is important for safety and legality. It’s illegal to purchase or sell test strips that were funded by Medicare, Medicaid, or another government agency

Selling expired or used diabetic test strips is not safe for the people who purchase the supplies. Expired test strips can lead to untrustworthy test results and health risks.

Frequently asked questions about selling diabetic supplies

Is it legal and/or ethical to sell test strips for cash?

Yes! You can safely and legally sell your test strips, CGM devices, and other diabetic supplies as long as they are unused. These supplies can be purchased over the counter, so they don’t require a prescription.

The single exception is the case of diabetic supplies that were provided by Medicaid or Medicare as indicated by an orange label. It’s illegal to sell or purchase government-funded supplies. 

Can I regularly sell my test strips for cash?

Yes! You can sign up to receive regular shipping kits in the mail. Just tell us how often you’d like to sell test strips for cash and we’ll ship your kits on schedule.

What brands of CGM devices and test strips can I sell?

Cash For Diabetics currently accepts these brands:

  • Dexcom
  • AccuChek
  • Contour
  • Dario
  • Freestyle
  • One Touch
  • Omnipod

We always keep our accepted brands and how much we pay for each on our pricing guidelines page.

Can I get paid via direct deposit or another digital option?

We take cyber security extremely seriously. We are constantly looking into faster payment options but at this time we find a physical check to be the best way to protect your account and ours. 

Sell test strips for cash with Cash For Diabetics!

Cash For Diabetics is the premier company for selling unused diabetic supplies. Browse our website to learn more about how it works and pricing, plus get instant, reliable information from our FAQs. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts so we can fill in any blanks and put your mind at ease.

Request your free kit today, and we’ll send everything you need right to your door. Just load up your items, ship it back, and we’ll send you a check. We know that it may sound too good to be true, but we always stick to our word. Cash for Diabetics transformed the process of selling diabetic test strips online to get extra cash in your pocket ASAP, while also ensuring everyone’s safety.

Our Instant Buy-Back Tool makes it easy to check your eligibility and get started in just a few clicks.

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