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The cost of diabetic supplies can add up fast, 1 out of every 4 dollars in U.S. health care is spent on diabetic supplies. Sometimes changes in your diagnosis or insurance coverage can leave you with an excess of supplies.

At Cash For Diabetics, we help you get cash for diabetic supplies with an easy, convenient online process. So you can sell unused diabetic supplies and recoup some of the money you’ve spent. More than that, you’ll be helping another diabetic in need to get the supplies to help them monitor their diabetes and stay healthy.

We understand that selling your test strips online can be intimidating, and you want to make sure you can do so safely and securely. Here’s our complete guide to the process!

How to get cash for diabetic supplies:

We know that you have questions about what products we accept, your payout, and how it all works, so we’ve laid it out in one convenient place.

It’s important to us that we keep our process as transparent as possible because we know there’s a dangerous “gray market” for diabetic supplies right now. Our only goal is to get diabetic supplies into the hands of those who need them so they can avoid health complications and test when they need tools.

Whether it’s your first time selling or you’re a regular at this point, you can always use our interactive buy-back tool to get started! It’ll walk you through the process step by step to ensure you get the highest possible payout.


Step 1: Find a reputable buyer

Selling diabetic supplies online can feel intimidating. You don’t want to fall for a scam. So when you’re looking for the best place to sell diabetic test strips and supplies, there are some key indicators that you’ve found a good spot.

Transparent pricing guidelines

Any company worth its salt will have clear, easily understood guidelines for the items they accept and how much they pay.

User-friendly process

The process to get cash for diabetic supplies should be easy for you to follow. Selling diabetic test strips online

Quality customer service

Selling your supplies online for the first time can be intimidating; the best place to sell diabetic test strips will have agents on call to answer any questions you have.

You can learn about the customer service experience based on the company’s online reviews!

Step 2: Verify your eligibility

Your supplies weren’t provided by Medicaid or Medicare.

One of the biggest indicators that we cannot take your items is if they were provided through Medicare or Medicaid. Government-issued items typically have an orange label and are illegal to sell.

Your supplies aren’t expired.

We require items to be at least 3+ months from their expiration date. Our highest payout is for products 10+ months away from expiration because this allows enough time for a new person to acquire and use the supplies safely.

Using expired supplies runs the risk of inaccurate test results, leading to severe health complications.

Your supplies aren’t open or used 

For obvious reasons, we cannot sell used test strips or similar diabetic supplies because they’ve already been used! For safety, we also cannot accept items that have been opened.

Step 3: Request your free-kit

After you’ve verified your diabetic supplies are eligible to sell, you can request a free shipping kit. We’ll send everything you need to mail your items right to your door! You can even request multiple boxes.

The only thing we don’t include is bubble wrap or tissue paper, which we recommend using to cushion and protect your items.

Our professionals will remove any unnecessary labels after receiving and approving your package. You can use magic marker to cover personal identification labels if you so choose.

Step 4: Mail it your supplies and cash in!

We send you a Priority Mail prepaid box that includes a tracking number, which you can use on to follow your package’s journey to us.

At Cash For Diabetics, we use same-day processing; as soon as we inspect your items, we write you a check. Checks are the most secure way to protect your online account. You can expect your payment in the mail in 2 to 8 business days.

Step 5: Repeat the process as necessary!

Many of our customers become repeat and regular sellers as needed! You can get cash for diabetic supplies anytime you have a stock of them you need to sell.

Each time you’re ready to sell supplies, you can use our instant buy-back tool to verify your eligibility and then request a free kit. 

How much will you get paid?

Our inspectors use the same qualifications provided in our pricing guidelines to determine your payout. 

Mint condition items offer the best return, so don’t attempt to remove any stickers or labels. You could unintentionally damage and disqualify your supplies.

If your boxes are damaged, your payout will depend on the severity and where they’re damaged. Unsealed boxes or items with liquid damage cannot be accepted. If the damage is purely cosmetic, we may still be able to offer a 50% payout.

Different brands receive different payouts, just as they cost different amounts when purchased.

Remember, we can’t accept items provided through Medicaid or Medicare! These supplies typically have a bright ORANGE label to indicate where they came from.

What diabetic supplies can I sell?

At Cash For Diabetics we accept both CGM devices and diabetic test strips, making us the best place to get cash for diabetic supplies. We accept several popular brands and devices. 

While we purchase a wide range of test strip brands and CGM devices, unfortunately, we can’t buy them all. Browse our pricing information to confirm your brand before requesting your kit.

What we accept is always based on market demand and the potential to resell the items we purchase. The goal is to put necessary, life-saving supplies into the hands of diabetics that need them. 

Popular brands that we accept:

  • Freestyle
  • Dexcom
  • One Touch
  • Accu-Check

This here is not the complete list and could change! Be sure to check our pricing guidelines for your brand and specific item, that will always be the most current information. While it doesn’t change very frequently, we keep this up-to-date when it does! 

Our instant buy-back tool makes getting started easier than ever. We give you a simple checklist to follow to verify your items are eligible based on our pricing guidelines. If we don’t accept your supplies, there may be other companies that will. Be sure to check that they seem reputable before doing business with any other diabetic test strip buyers

Is it legal to get cash for diabetic supplies?

Yes! You can safely and legally sell your test strips, CGM devices, and other diabetic supplies as long as they are unused. These supplies can be purchased over the counter, so they don’t require a perspective.

The single exception is the case of diabetic supplies that were provided by Medicaid or M edicare as indicated by an orange label. It’s illegal to sell or purchase government-funded supplies. 

If your items do have an orange label, do not attempt to remove it and continue on with the process. Our team has access to information about where your strips came from and will still be unable to accept them. 

Another question people frequently ask is “Can I ethically sell my test strips?” Yes! As long as they’re unused and unopened, it’s perfectly safe to sell your test strips to be used by another diabetic patient.

Our rigorous inspection policy and process ensure we only purchase and resell the highest quality products.

Get cash for diabetic test strips today!

As the largest company offering cash to sell diabetic supplies, Cash for Diabetics is proud to offer a hassle-free process that benefits everyone.

Not sure if your supplies are eligible?  Our convenient buy-back tool provides a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure you get the best deal to get cash for your diabetic supplies. 

Simply tell us if you’ve sold to us before, what products you’re looking to get rid of, and how often you plan on sending, and we’ll send a mail kit your way! 

Our helpful online resources and one-of-a-kind commitment to customer service make us stand out; that’s why so many customers become routine sellers! If you’d prefer to sell to us regularly and get a more steady cash flow going, you can sign up for automatic kit shipments however often you’d like.

After we’ve inspected your package using the same checklist provided in our pricing guidelines, we’ll write you a check then and there!

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