Trade Extra Diabetic Test Strips For Cash

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If you’re one of the millions of Americans with diabetes, there’s a chance you’ve ended up with extra test strips at some point.

Sometimes your insurance changes or you don’t need to test as often. Either way, wouldn’t it be great to recoup some of the financial investment you’ve made? It’s possible to sell your extra test strips for cash.

Cash For Diabetics makes it easy to sell test strips for cash with our Instant Buy-Back Tool. Check your eligibility and get started in just a few clicks.

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Cash for test strips in 3 easy steps

1. Check your eligibility

Our instant buy-back tool makes this process super simple. There are 3 things you need to check before sending us your items:

  1. Do we accept your brand of test strips and/or device?
  2. Are your supplies unexpired and free of damage?
  3. Were your supplies provided by a government agency?

We cannot accept items that are less than 3 months from their expiration date or that were provided by a government agency like Medicare or Medicaid.

We offer our highest payouts for items more than 10+ months from expiration with zero damage. Some cosmetic damage is alright.

2. Request your free shipping kit

Shipping is always 100% on us at Cash For Diabetics and we’ll send your free kit right to your door.

Your free kit will include:

  • A copy of our Terms & Conditions
  • Additional packaging instructions
  • A prepaid shipping label and Priority Mail Box

💡Pro Tip: Don’t remove any labels on your box yourself—you might cause damage and reduce your payout! If you would like, you can always cross out identifying information with a magic marker before sending your supplies. Our professional staff will remove identifying labels after we inspect your items. 

We recommend packing your supplies using newspaper or tissue paper to protect them. Your prepaid shipping label comes with tracking and you’ll receive an email when it arrives at our warehouse.

3. Get paid!

We use same-day processing at our warehouse, so after we inspect your items, we’ll write your check and send it your way! Checks are the best way for us to guarantee the security of your account; you can expect it to arrive within 2 to 8 business days.

If you’d prefer to sell to us regularly and get a more steady cash flow going, you can sign up for automatic kit shipments however often you’d like.

Now you’re ready to trade your test strips for cash

Have questions about the process? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any point or stop by our online FAQs for more information. 

You can find details about checking your eligibility to sell diabetic supplies and much more on our blog. Putting cash in your pocket has never been easier!

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