Sell CGM Devices

Want to Sell CGM Devices? Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide!

A crucial part of managing diabetes is regularly checking and adjusting your blood sugar levels. Enter: CGM (continuous glucose monitor) devices! This technology consists of a small needle inserted beneath the surface of your skin, which measures your glucose (blood sugar levels) continuously so you can avoid bi-hourly finger-pricks. 

This device transmits your results to a receiver, so you can adjust your diet and use insulin as needed. Accurate and regular testing allows diabetics to lead a happy and healthy day-to-day life, taking some of the stress regarding your health off of your shoulders.

Unfortunately, most diabetics understand that ending up with unusable supplies isn’t uncommon; whether your insurance coverage, diagnosis, or testing frequency has changed, leaving you with a hole in your pocket. 

If you have a loved one or are a caretaker for someone with diabetes who has recently passed away, you may also be left with their supplies. We understand that having reminders of a lost loved one around the house can make moving on more difficult.

The good news is that these devices are always in high demand, so you can reclaim some of your investment (while helping out a fellow diabetic). The Cash for Diabetics team has spent years perfecting our online process. Here’s a breakdown of how to sell CGM devices. 

Step 1: Check your eligibility

Can you sell unused diabetic supplies? We’ve curated an instant buy-back tool to ensure your eligibility. Before you sell CGM devices, we’ll ask you to tell us a few things about yourself and the devices you want to sell. Here, you can input information about your item’s brand, condition, and expiration date, which all play a role in how we determine your payout.

We’ll also ask you to double check for a bright orange label before moving on. After completing this walkthrough, we’ll refer you to our free kit request form! Plus, you can now go back to our pricing guidelines to see how much we can offer you. Keep in mind that the condition and expiration date of your products contribute to our final offer. 

In order to receive a full payout when you sell CGM devices, your device must be in mint condition and at least 10 months away from its expiration date. For devices with 4 to 6 months left from their expiration date and or minor cosmetic damages, we may be able to offer a 50% payout. 

We can not accept any items that are unsealed, have signs of liquid damage, and or are less than 4 months from expiring to ensure the new users’ safety. Using damaged or expired CGM devices can present inaccurate results, as the active ingredient is no longer at ideal potency levels, leading to inaccurate insulin adjustments which can cause serious health risks

diabetics supplies laid out on a blue background to prepare to get cash for test strips

Is it legal to sell CGM devices?

If your items have an orange label, as mentioned above, this means that they were provided through Medicare, Medicaid, or another form of government financial aid. It is illegal for any company to purchase medical supplies funded by the government.

However, so long as your items were not provided through government funding, you can sell diabetic supplies 100% legally! Anything that can be purchased over-the-counter is legal to resell, assuming that they were obtained legally, are unopened, and are unexpired. 

To ensure that you sell CGM devices legally, we strongly recommend doing your research on the company you’re selling to. Keep an eye out for anyone claiming to offer payments for government-provided supplies and or asking you to submit any form of payment in order to get started, as they are likely untrustworthy.

Is it ethical to sell CGM devices?

We’re not only strict about seals and expiration for legal reasons, but also to ensure everyone’s safety. When you sell CGM devices to Cash for Diabetics, you can rest assured that our extensively trained inspectors can guarantee the efficacy of your items before handing them off to a new user.

Selling your spare diabetic devices not only serves as an easy pay day for you, but also helps another diabetic gain access to supplies they depend on! Rather than letting them go to waste in your bathroom cabinets or throwing them out (which can be a hassle due to medical waste procedures), selling your supplies is a win-win. 

Step 2: Request your free kit

After completing our walkthrough, you’re almost ready to sell CGM devices! We’ll refer you to our free kit request form; simply input your name, address, and contact information and we’ll ship it directly to your doorstep. You can expect to receive your prepaid box within 2 to 8 business days. 

Don’t worry, shipping is always completely on us. If you’re browsing your options for diabetic supplies buyers, we strongly recommend avoiding companies that require you to purchase your own box or pay for anything. With this rise of a risky “gray market”, ensuring your buyers are trustworthy is key to maintaining your privacy and getting paid as promised.

Step 3: Pack up your items

Once you’ve received your free kit, it’s time to load up your items to sell. CGM devices and other diabetic supplies typically have a range of labels on their packaging, which we recommend avoiding tearing off, as this could cause cosmetic damage and reduce our final offer. 

Rest assured that our team will carefully remove any personal information from the packaging upon arrival, but feel free to use a marker to cross out your name and address if you’d like.

We encourage you to take your own photos of your items to compare to ours in order to remove any guesswork from the equation. Remember to use bubble wrap to cushion your items and ensure their safe arrival. Don’t have bubble wrap lying around your house? No worries—most people don’t! You can also use newspaper or tissue paper. 

Your Priority Mail prepaid box includes a tracking number, which you can use on to follow your package’s journey to us. Simply drop off the box at your local post office and your work here is done!

Step 4: Cash in your check!

After we’ve received your shipment, we’ll put it directly in the inspection line at our warehouse. When we get to your box, our inspectors use the same qualifications provided to you on our pricing guidelines to determine your payout. 

Once we’ve checked everything, we’ll write you a check that same day! Call us old-fashioned if you’d like, but we prefer to stick to paper checks to ensure the security of your online account when you sell CGM devices. Keep an eye out for your check in the mailbox, as it typically arrives within 8 business days once we’ve mailed it. 

How much will you get paid?

As we’ve mentioned, the condition and expiration of your items determine what payout you’re eligible for. However, we also have baseline offers you can refer to when you sell CGM devices depending on the brand and model. 

Our pricing for the current brands ranges as follows:

  • Freestyle: $15 to $20
  • Dexcom: $50 to $150
  • Omnipod: $30 to $50

Keep in mind that we only purchase certain brands in order to meet market demands. While this list is also subject to change, it doesn’t all too often. We recommend signing up for our newsletter to stay in the know about brands and products we’re looking for.

What if our pricing changes after you’ve shipped your items?

Whether you’re looking to sell CGM devices or diabetic test strips, rest assured that we always pay as promised. While our pricing, which reflects the current market demands, is subject to change, we stand by our offer at the time of your requesting your kit—no questions asked. 

Sell CGM devices without the hassle at Cash for Diabetics!

As the most reliable company offering cash for unused diabetic supplies, Cash for Diabetics has optimized our users’ experiences from the first click. Our process has streamlined the time commitment required to sell CGM devices, making a quick and easy payout more simple than ever before! 

Our instant buy-back tool kickstarts the process, allowing you to confirm your eligibility and how much you’ll get paid beforehand. Once you’ve completed this guide, we’ll ship you your free kit (including a prepaid box) for you to send us your items. After we’ve inspected your package using the same checklist provided in our pricing guidelines, we’ll write you a check then and there!

Our helpful online resources and one-of-a-kind commitment to customer service makes us stand out; hence why so many customers become routine sellers! If you’d prefer to sell to us on a regular basis, and get a more steady cash flow going, you can sign up for automatic kit shipments however often you’d like. 

Have questions? We have answers! Feel free to contact us at any point during the process or stop by our online FAQs for more quick information. 

Start selling your CGM devices