How to Check Your Eligibility to Sell Diabetic Supplies

How to Check Your Eligibility to Sell Diabetic Supplies

With about 1 in 10 Americans having diabetes, the demand for diabetic test strips is higher than ever. These strips allow you to keep track of your blood sugar levels, which is a crucial part of managing the disease. While one patient may only need to take 1 test a day, another may need 8, and these requirements can change over time.

If you stocked up on tests you no longer need, why not put them to better use than sitting in your cabinet? Cash for Diabetics allows you to sell diabetic supplies for resale; we’ll even pay for shipping! Selling unused, non-expired, and non-government-funded diabetic test strips is simple with our instant buy-back tool. Here’s how it works. 

Tell us a bit about yourself

To check that your test strips are eligible to sell diabetic supplies to us, our convenient buy-back tool gets you pointed in the right direction! Simply let us know if you’ve sold to us before and if you plan on selling on a regular basis to get started.

Give us some information on your test strips

Next, tell us what items you want to sell: a box of strips, CGM devices, or both. Then you’ll insert information about the product, including the brand, type, expiration date, and box condition. Here, we’ll also have you confirm that the product was not obtained through Medicare or Medicaid, as selling government-funded products is not legal

Once you’ve finished and confirmed you can sell diabetic supplies to C4D, let us know where to send your kit!

Ready to sell your diabetic supplies?

Look no further than C4D to get quick cash for test strips! Request your free kit today, and we’ll send everything you need right to your door. Just load up your items, ship it back, and we’ll send you a check.

Transparency is a pillar of our operation, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about pricing or how it works or stop by our FAQs page

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