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If you’re reading this, you probably already know that testing is critical to managing diabetes and staying healthy. Sometimes, you can end up with excess test strips through an insurance change or an updated diagnosis. Investing in diabetic supplies is just that—an investment, but it’s unfortunate when you can’t use them any longer. 

Cash for Diabetics makes it possible to recoup some of that investment! You can sell One Touch Ultra test strips (and even other brands like Dexcom) online to make yourself some easy cash while providing much-needed supplies to someone else. We’ve spent years perfecting our process in order to minimize the effort and time commitment required—and maximize your payout!

At Cash For Diabetics, we’ve created an easy-to-follow, transparent process to allow you to sell extra One Touch Ultra test strips. Our instant buy-back tool makes it simple to check your eligibility and request your free kit today!

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How do I sell One Touch Ultra test strips?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3  to sell diabetic test strips when you sell with Cash For Diabetics. All you need to do is confirm your eligibility, ship your items to us with the free kit we send you, and get paid!

1. Confirm Your Eligibility

The first step when you’re ready to sell your One Touch Ultra test strips is confirming that your items are eligible. At Cash For Diabetics, security and safety are our first priority in our process of buying and selling diabetic supplies. With this in mind, our standards for the items we accept are strict.

Factory sealed and unexpired

We only accept diabetic supplies that are unopened and in their original packaging. They also must be at least 3+ months from their expiration date. 10+ months is ideal and receives the highest payout!

Not provided by the government

It’s illegal to sell One Touch Ultra test strips that were provided by Medicaid, Medicare, or another government agency. We can’t accept these items, which are typically indicated by an ORANGE or GREEN label that says “Government payers only.”

Damage free

We can’t accept any items that have water or liquid damage. Some cosmetic damage is ok, but will reduce your potential payout.

If your One Touch Ultra test strips have any labels, don’t remove them yourself! Our professional staff will remove them to prevent any damage to the box.

2. Request Your Free Kit

Once you’ve confirmed you can sell your One Touch Ultra test strips, it’s time to request your free shipping kit! Once requested, it only takes a few days for your kit to arrive at your door.

Shipping is always on us

You never have to pay for shipping when you sell to Cash For Diabetics. We send you a free kit that includes a copy of our Terms and Conditions, additional packing instructions, and a prepaid shipping label on a Priority Mail box.

Leave the labels on

Remember, don’t remove any labels yourself! If you’re concerned about your personal prescription labels, you can cross out the information with a marker. You can also trust that we will remove the labels professionally before reselling your supplies.

Send it to us

We recommend taking a picture of your items before you send them! Pack the test strips using newspaper or tissue paper to cushion them in the box. When we receive your package we’ll take a picture, too.

Your prepaid shipping label comes with a tracking number so you can follow its progress all the way to our warehouse.

3. Get Paid!

After you’ve mailed us your supplies, all that’s left to do is get your check!

Same day processing

When your package arrives at our warehouse, we process it the same day to streamline getting diabetic supplies into the hands of those who need them.

Our dedicated team will take a picture of your items how they arrived and use the same checklist we gave you to determine your payout. Then we write you a check the same day!

Secure payment

While it may seem old-fashioned, we use paper checks. This is the best way for us to protect your information when you sell your One Touch Ultra test strips and other supplies online. You can expect it to arrive in just 2 to 8 business days!

Regular shipments

Many of our customers turn into regular sellers, though this isn’t required! If you know you will need to sell excess supplies regularly, you can sign up to receive regular kits in the mail. Or you can just request a kit whenever you need one.

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Why sell One Touch Ultra test strips online?

We know that selling things online, especially medical supplies, can be nerve-wracking, but we’re here to set your mind at ease!


Selling your excess diabetic supplies online makes it easier than ever to get paid, especially with our streamlined process. Checking the eligibility of your items and requesting your free shipping kit takes a matter of minutes.

Transparent pricing

Our pricing guidelines are determined only by market supply and demand. The list of brands we accept and their payouts doesn’t change very often, but we keep it up-to-date on our website. We stand by our pricing at the time of inspection and always pay as promised. 

Helpful online tools

With our Instant Buy-Back tool, you can be off and sell your diabetic supplies in just a few minutes! We also keep our website up-to-date with our latest guidelines, answers to FAQs, and industry insights on our blog.

Easy-to-follow guidelines

We send you the same checklist that we use when we inspect your items and even provide tips for ensuring your items travel to us safely. With our clear standards, you’re never in the dark about whether your items are eligible or how much you’ll be paid.

Safe and secure

We put security and safety first for all our customers, whether you’re buying or selling. You can rest easy knowing we remove all personal/identifying information from items before we resell them. We also never sell expired, open, or used supplies.

Quality customer service

Our agents are always on call and willing to help. They can quickly answer any questions you have about our process when you sell One Touch Ultra test strips or other diabetic supplies.

Frequently asked questions about selling diabetic supplies

Do you accept other brands?

Yes! Cash For Diabetics accepts a variety of brands. We currently accept items from

  • Accu-Chek
  • Contour
  • Dario
  • Freestyle
  • Omnipod
  • One Touch
  • Omnipod

We always keep our accepted brands and how much we pay for each on our pricing guidelines page.

Do you accept all One Touch test strips? 

We currently accept both One Touch Ultra and One Touch Verio test strips! You can always check what brands and items we accept on our pricing page.

Can I sell test strips regularly?

Yes! Many of our customers sign up to receive regular shipping kits in the mail to sell their One Touch Ultra test strips regularly. There’s never any pressure to do this and you can sell as frequently or infrequently as you’d like.

Will I still get paid if my boxes are damaged?

This will depend on the nature and extent of the damage. We never pay for boxes that are opened, unsealed, or show signs of liquid damage. If the damage is purely cosmetic, and not too extensive, we may issue a payout equal to 50% of what we’d pay for a comparable mint-condition box. 

Cash For Diabetics is the best place to sell One Touch test strips!

Cash for Diabetics is proud to be the most reliable company to offer cash for diabetic test strips and devices, streamlining your experience from your first click on our website. 

Our mission is to mitigate the cost of diabetes for diabetics and caretakers across the nation. Beyond ensuring your safety, we’re also invested in the safety of your products’ new users. Not only are you putting extra cash in your pocket, but you’re also helping other diabetics gain access to discounted supplies they depend on to lead a healthy life.

We’ve spent years perfecting our process in order to minimize the effort and time commitment required and maximize your payout! Our dedicated team has made it easy to sell One Touch Ultra test strips online.

What truly makes us the best place to sell diabetic supplies is our team of committed and personable agents. We’re always prepared to answer any questions you may have, no matter what point of the process you’re at. 

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