how to sell my Dexcom supplies

How to Sell Your Dexcom Supplies

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Diabetic test strips are crucial to ensuring proper glucose levels throughout the day, so you can administer the right amount of insulin to keep you feeling your best. Not testing as directed by your healthcare provider (which may be anywhere from 2 to 10 times per day) can lead to complications ranging from blurred vision and slurred speech to severe seizures. 

Dexcom products offer streamlined testing with no fingersticks or scanning needed! The Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device includes an easy-to-use 10-day sensor that syncs with your mobile device for your convenience. Medicaid and Medicare can cover this device in some cases (depending on your diagnosis, insurance coverage, and availability), but in other cases it does not.

If you’ve stocked up on Dexcom products and no longer need them, whether you’ve changed devices, changed insurance, or so on, we’re here to help you recoup your losses! 

Cash for Diabetics offers the highest payout for this brand thanks to its high market demand, so you can make quick cash and clear out some storage while you’re at it. Cash for Diabetics has made the process simple; here’s our guide on how to sell your Dexcom supplies.

Why we pay more for Dexcom products

Our pricing reflects the current market demand which is subject to change over time. However, we always pay as promised and always will. 

Before we get into how to sell your Dexcom supplies, let’s take a look at how these products work. Diabetic technology has come a long way in recent years, and it makes managing the disease as simple as it’s ever been. Dexcom devices are suitable for patients with Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Prediabetes, negating the need for daily finger-pricks (which let’s face it, nobody enjoys). 

Dexcom makes tracking your glucose levels throughout the day as simple as checking your phone, where the app will provide instant insights. Dexcom is the first of its kind to allow patients of all ages, from children to geriatrics, to monitor their health through smart devices and offer automated glucose injections for even further convenience. Hence why so many of your favorite celebrities, from Olympain Mattheis Steiner to the boyband star Nick Jonas, use it!

Plus, Dexcom is clinically proven to lower A1C, which is a hemoglobin that acts as a powerhouse for your bloodstream’s sugar levels. This can slow the progression of diabetes, reducing the associated risks of nerve damage and cardiovascular disease. Dexcom also reduces hyper- and hypoglycemia (when blood sugar levels are too high or low) and increases the time in range: the amount of time spent in the optimal glucose/blood sugar range. 

All of these benefits come at a higher price point for diabetic patients and caretakers, and they’re in high demand. We understand the frustration of spending larger amounts on products that you can no longer use and are here to get them in the right hands! If you’re searching “how to sell my Dexcom supplies.” you’re in the right place—and just a few clicks away from getting your easy payday. 

What devices we can pay you for

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The complete Dexcom G6 system includes a sensor, transmitter, and receiver. The sensor, which painlessly inserts beneath the skin, checks your blood content’s glucose levels. These levels are sent to the transmitter (often attached to the insulin injecting device) which sends the data up to the receiver, telling you your results. We offer cash for unused and unopened Dexcom G6 devices including:

  • Dexcom G6 Sensors (3ct RETAIL STS-OE-003): Full payout of $150
  • Dexcom G6 Sensors (3ct NON-RETAIL – STS-OR-003): Full payout of $120
  • Dexcom G6 Transmitters (1ct RETAIL): Full payout of $50
  • Dexcom G6 Receivers (1ct RETAIL): Full payout of $50

We offer full payouts to products that are in mint condition, and at least 6 months away from expiring. We offer 50% payouts for those with cosmetic damage and/or 4 to 6 months from expiring. 

We can not offer a payout if your items were provided by Medicaid or Medicare (which can be found as a bright ORANGE label on the box), are severely damaged, unsealed/leaking, and or less than 4 months from their expiration date The first step of how to sell your Dexcom supplies should always be checking for government funding, as it is illegal for any company to purchase them and for you to sell them. If your Dexcom device has any sort of ORANGE label attached that reads “GOVERNMENT PAYORS ONLY”, then we can not purchase it.

We also accept other brands of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices, including:

  • Accu-Check
  • Contour
  • Dario
  • Freestyle
  • Omnipod
  • One Touch
  • Omnipod

For a full list of which products we can buy (and for how much), please refer to our pricing guide.

How to sell your Dexcom supplies

We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our process to make it as convenient as possible for you. Our process for purchasing Dexcom devices is a bit different than how we purchase others because they don’t fit in our standard box. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to sell your Dexcom supplies:

1. Confirm your eligibility

First, we recommend starting with our instant buy-back tool. This will allow us to help you confirm that your products are eligible and how much we’re able to pay. Simply tell us if you’ve sold before and how often you plan on selling to begin—keep in mind that there’s no pressure to sell to us on any set schedule (although many customers do!). 

Next, input the information about your device including the brand, model, condition, and expiration date. We’ll also ask you to confirm that you did not receive your items through Medicare or Medicaid, which can be located as a bright orange label on the prescription’s box. Here, you can also upload your own photos of your devices to confirm their eligibility. 

2. Ship your items to us

Once you’ve passed the requirements outlined in our convenient tool, it’s time to move onto the next step of how to sell your Dexcom supplies—shipping them to us. For non-Dexcom products, we offer free kits that include a prepaid box to ship your items. However, we understand that most Dexcom products won’t fit in this box, so we offer a few alternatives for you to choose from.

  1. You can simply cut out the label from the white box we’ve sent to you in the kit and re-tape it securely to a USPS Priority Mail box or a box of your own.
  2. We can email you a prepaid label to print off yourself and then attach to a box.
  3. We can mail you a prepaid label to attach to a box.

Just let us know which option you’d prefer! If you don’t have a box of your own you’d like to use, you can acquire a USPS priority box for free at any post office location.

Because we offer high payouts for Dexcom supplies, we must be extra strict when it comes to examining the condition of your box upon receiving it. When you pack your items, remember to use newspaper or tissue paper to ensure their safe arrival. Do not open the original box, as we can not accept any item that has been compromised by unsealing (including the manuals). 

💡 Pro-Tip: Feel free to take your own photo before you ship it off for your records, and we’ll take our own as soon as it’s at our warehouse. Your label will also include a tracking number so you can follow its journey on

3. Get paid!

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After we’ve received your package and inspected its overall condition, taking notes throughout the process on why we’ve rated it the way we did, we’ll write your check and mail it off that very same day! We take cyber security seriously, so we do not offer online forms of payouts at this time to ensure your privacy. 

Your check will typically arrive within 2 to 8 business days after we’ve shipped it to your address. If you have any questions about the payout you’ve received, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We always pay as promised and are committed to providing a fully transparent process, from start to finish.

Get quick cash for your extra Dexcom products at Cash for Diabetics

Now that you’ve learned how to sell your Dexcom supplies easily and ethically, it’s time to get started! We promise—there are no hidden fees or undisclosed information here. As the premier company offering money for unused diabetic test strips and CGM devices, we’ve perfected an all-around beneficial process that’s simple for everyone. 

Our team is committed to providing an unmatched customer experience to mitigate the costs associated with diabetes across the nation. If you have any questions about how it works or our pricing, don’t hesitate to stop by our online FAQs or contact us! You can find more helpful guides on our blog, including how to check your eligibility to sell diabetic supplies and much more. Allow us to make your life easier by taking the guesswork out of selling your spare Dexcom sensors, receivers, transmitters, and test strips!

To double check your products’ eligibility, try our hassle-free instant buy-back tool for a walkthrough on how to get your free kit. 


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