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Searching for the Best Place to Sell Diabetic Supplies?

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An estimated 10.5% of the American population is diabetic; if that doesn’t sound like a lot, that equals out to about 34 million people. Each of these people rely on a range of technologies, including diabetic test strips and CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) devices, to ensure their health on a daily basis. 

These revolutionary supplies have made living with diabetes exponentially more manageable! However, they come at a cost. Roughly 30 million people in the U.S. don’t have health insurance, leaving them to pay out of pocket. Plus, different insurances offer different levels of coverage, so they might not cover every expense. 

Diabetics understand that managing their health is an ongoing process, as your diagnosis can change over the years. Whether you no longer need to test as often, your coverage has changed, or your brand has been discontinued, you’ll be left with a hole in your pocket—and a surplus of now unusable supplies.

As part of our mission to help diabetics reduce the cost of managing their health, Cash for Diabetics has made getting cash for your leftover devices as easy as a few clicks! Here’s a breakdown of what makes us the best place to sell diabetic supplies, from our transparent process to exceptional customer service and beyond. 

What to look for in a diabetic supplies buyer

When you begin your search for the best place to sell diabetic supplies, there are a few things to note as green flags. You’re probably asking yourself, “How much can I sell diabetic test strips for?”—and the answer should be clear. 

Any company should offer transparent pricing guidelines that lay out exactly how much you’ll get paid. Here, you can also find the rules for what they can accept and what contributes to your payout; for example the condition of the box and expiration of your items. 

Keep in mind that it is illegal for anyone to purchase government-funded medical supplies to resell. If your items have an ORANGE label OR any label indicating that they were provided through Medicare or Medicaid, they are not eligible to sell. 

You should also check that there’s an easy way to contact a seller’s team with any questions you may have. This may be in the form of an online chat, a contact form, email, or FAQs page. Tack on some bonus points for options that have helpful online guides like an instant buy-back tool!

What to avoid in a diabetic supplies buyer

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scams out there, including when it comes to the already intimidating task of selling medical supplies. Allow us to put your mind at ease: here are a few things you should look out for. 

No company should purchase expired or unsealed test strips, as this can provide inaccurate test results and put the devices’ new user at severe health risks. 

We can’t emphasize enough that the best place to sell diabetic supplies will tell you exactly how much they’ll pay you ahead of time. Even if their pricing changes, they should pay as promised online. 

You should never have to provide any form of payment information or pay for shipping your items yourself, so ensure that their shipping kits are free before providing any of your personal information. 

Why you should consider selling your diabetic devices online

So, is the best place to sell diabetic supplies online? Short answer: yes! Opting to sell unused diabetic supplies online not only makes the process far more convenient for you, but also helps you to guarantee you’re working with a reputable company.

Ensure an ethical transaction

Beyond avoiding scams and ensuring that you’re paid as promised, how do you know if a company’s process is ethical? A murky “gray market” for resold diabetic supplies is on the rise, hence why selling online is so important.

The best place to sell diabetic supplies sticks to rules about what they can accept to ensure that the new user of your supplies receives safe and accurate test results. You should be able to locate information about these guidelines on a buyer’s website; here’s a brief breakdown of our:

We can not accept any items that are expired, unsealed, severely damaged, or provided through Medicare or Medicaid or another type of government assistance program. All glucose test strips must have at least 10 months left from their expiration date to receive a full payout and CGM devices at least 6 months. For items with minor cosmetic damages and or less time til their expiration, we may be able to offer a 50% payout. 

Gain access to online reviews

Online reviews have changed the way we shop online, which most of us prefer over in-store. 95% of online shoppers look at reviews before making a purchase.

Selling your diabetic supplies is no different! Doing so online is not only safer, but grants you some helpful opinions before you make any kind of commitment. 

What makes Cash for Diabetics the best place to sell diabetic supplies?

At C4D, we value your commitment to aid our mission of mitigating the cost of diabetes. We focus on building long-term relationships built on trust. As the best place to sell diabetic supplies, we’ve spent countless hours meticulously crafting helpful tools to ensure the easiest selling experience ever

Our instant buy-back tool walks you through our process, ensuring your eligibility and getting your free kit on its way to your doorstep in just a few clicks!

A track record of quality and success

We don’t expect you to simply take our word for it; our collection of 5-star reviews speaks for itself. Here’s a look at what some of our customers have said makes us the best place to sell diabetic supplies:

I’ve used them 3 times and sent 10 boxes each time. I have received a check in a matter of 4 days at the latest. I’ve spoken to a gentleman once on a slight issue I had. He was very polite and knowledgeable on the issue and it was resolved at that time. I will always use Cash for Diabetics!” – Ken L.

“Cash For Diabetics makes the process incredibly easy! They provide the box, the shipping label, even the tape to seal the box! All I had to do was place the unneeded supplies inside & seal it. Less than 2 weeks later, I had a very nice check waiting for me in my mailbox!” – Kiersten

“This has been an exciting and awesome opportunity to earn extra money for my household and help others with overstock supplies I have on hand. This company pays as promised. Had no issues and money is decent as well; just received $143 today.” – Charles

A team that sticks to our word

We wouldn’t hold the title of the best place to sell diabetic supplies without our dedicated team! We’ve carried our customer-first mindset and neighborly Midwestern roots all the way to our Florida warehouse, as you can see in our introduction video. We’ve taken our time to meticulously map out our website to ensure a seamless process, updating it regularly to avoid any miscommunication.

Keep in mind that the brands we can accept and the prices we offer reflect the current market demand (as determined by big pharma). However, our list doesn’t change all too often. Rest assured that if our offer changes after you’ve requested your free kit, we’ll match the payout listed at the time of your request. 

Come to C4D, the best place to sell diabetic supplies, for your easiest payday ever!

Cash for Diabetics is proud to be the most reliable company to offer cash for diabetic test strips and devices, streamlining your experience from your first click onto our website. We’ve spent years perfecting our process in order to minimize the effort and time commitment required and maximize your payout!

Our instant buy-back tool makes getting started easier than ever before. Simply tell us a bit about yourself and what you want to sell and we’ll point you in the right direction. After requesting your free kit (which includes a prepaid box to ship back to our warehouse) simply send us your items and the rest is on us. Our inspection team will use the same checklist we’ve provided to you on our pricing guidelines to assess your items and write you a check that same day!

What truly makes us the best place to sell diabetic supplies is our team of committed and personable agents. We’re always prepared to answer any questions you may have, no matter what point of the process you’re at. Our exceptional customer service is why so many customers sign up for regular shipments, saving you even more time! But don’t worry, there’s never any strings attached. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how to sell diabetic supplies through our website! You can also stop by our online FAQs and blogs for more insights at the touch of a button. 

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