The Best Place To Sell Diabetic Test Strips

How To Find The Best Place To Sell Diabetic Test Strips

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At Cash For Diabetics, our mission is to help close the testing gap for diabetics in need. We’ve simplified the process for selling diabetic test strips and CGM devices online. 

We accept a wide range of brands, which you can find detailed in our pricing guidelines. In the event we don’t accept your particular brand, you can use this guide to help you find a reputable diabetic test strip buyer.

Green Flags 

The best place to sell diabetic test strips will provide detailed information about their process and the factors that determine your payout.

Transparent inspection process

Reputable diabetic test strip buyers will explain clearly what determines a full payout. Clear pricing guidelines are a must.

Quality customer service

You should always be able to contact or online chat with their agents with any questions you may have. You should also get the chance to provide feedback on your experience with the company too!

Helpful online tools

The best place to sell your diabetic test strips will have hassle-free online tools to guide you along the process. These should be easy to find on their website; for example, you can find our instant buy-back tool in the upper right-hand corner (a green button with the $ symbol).

Clear pricing guidelines

Any company should offer transparent pricing guidelines that lay out exactly how much you’ll get paid. Here, you can also find the rules for what they can accept and what contributes to your payout; for example, the condition of the box and the expiration of your items. 

Red Flags

You’re probably not at the best place to sell diabetic test strips if you’re seeing some of these:

They purchase government-funded, used, or expired products

It’s illegal to purchase diabetic supplies provided by Medicaid or Medicare. Diabetic test strip buyers are responsible for ensuring that your items follow the legal and safety guidelines.

You have to pay for shipping

You should be given a free kit; you shouldn’t ever have to pay for this.

Unclear pricing guidelines

There should be detailed information about their process

Their payout price is higher than average

We’ve seen businesses offer high payouts and then go out of business before they pay what they owe. Or simply use the promise of higher payouts to lure in new customers and then are not transparent with their inspection policies and nickel and dime customers to a point where they end up getting paid less than average if at all!

The website isn’t user friendly

If there isn’t information about the company (such as an about us page or video introduction), they’re not off to a good start. 

They should make it simple to navigate to where you need to go, whether you’re looking to learn more, view pricing guidelines, check your eligibility, or get started

Cash For Diabetics is the best place to sell diabetic test strips.

Have questions about the process? Don’t hesitate to contact us at any point or stop by our online FAQs for more information. 

You can find details about checking your eligibility to sell diabetic supplies and much more on our blog. Putting cash in your pocket has never been easier!

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