how to sell my Dexcom sensor

How to Sell Your Dexcom Sensor, Receiver, or Transmitter Online

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Testing and regulating your glucose levels on a regular basis is key to ensuring you can carry out your daily tasks without complications. Dexcom’s G6 system has streamlined this process, removing the dreaded daily finger-pricks out of the process! This device includes a sensor, transmitter, and receiver, all of which work together to measure your blood sugar and send it right to your phone.

We understand that this advanced technology comes at a price—accidentally over-stocking can take a hit on your bank account. Cash for Diabetics offers a simple process for buying your unused Dexcom products, so you can get cash back for devices that you’re no longer using whether your insurance or testing frequency has changed! Here’s how to sell your Dexcom sensor, receiver, or transmitter online.

How to sell your Dexcom sensor

A diabetic sensor consists of a small needle that allows access to your bloodstream, which is then sent up to the receiver. 84% of customers say that Dexcom’s compact version is painless to insert, and 100% say that it’s far easier to use than other sensors.

If you’re searching “How to sell my Dexcom sensor,” the answer is more simple than you might think! C4D offers high payouts for Dexcom devices, which you can find on our pricing guide. Note that for full payout, your Dexcom sensor must be in mint condition and at least 6 months from their expiration date. 

Keep in mind that all products we purchase must be unsealed and not provided by Medicare or Medicaid, or you will not receive a payout. If your supplies are 4 to 6 months from expiring and or have minor cosmetic damage, we can offer a 50% cash payout for unused Dexcom G6 items.

How to sell your Dexcom transmitter

The readings collected by your sensor are sent to the transmitter, which wirelessly sends your results to the receiver. We offer a full payout for a single Dexcom G6 transmitter with the same rules applying.

How to sell your Dexcom receiver

Receivers display your results, both on the Dexcom app and the device itself. For a single G6 receiver in mint condition, you may also be eligible for the full payout!

Use Cash for Diabetics to sell your spare diabetic supplies

Now that you’ve learned how to sell your Dexcom sensor, receiver, and transmitter as easily as possible, allow C4D to get you started. Simply request a free kit from our website and we’ll send a box with a prepaid shipping label right to your door; Dexcom products are larger and don’t always fit in this box, so we can also mail or email you a label to attach to a free box from USPS. 

After inspection, we’ll send you your check that same day! Not sure that your products are eligible? You can get a quick guided checklist through our instant buy-back tool or learn more about how to sell your Dexcom supplies on our blog

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