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How to Sell Freestyle Libre 2 Supplies Online | Maximizing Your Payout

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CGM (continuous glucose monitor) devices are typically inserted beneath the skin to monitor your blood-glucose levels throughout the day. This small sensor locates the fluid glucose in between blood cells, reporting these levels back to a monitor every few minutes. 

Rather than going through countless test strips every day, many diabetics opt for advanced technologies like the Freestyle Libre 2. However, this ease comes with a higher price tag. 

If you’ve recently switched insurances, CGM brands, or your diagnosis has changed, you’re likely left with a decent hole in your pocket. Cash for Diabetics is here to help! 

We offer quick cash payouts you can depend on. Here’s a look at how to get the most cash when you sell Freestyle Libre 2 supplies.

Check for an orange label

Before you can sell Freestyle Libre 2 supplies (or any medical items), look for an orange label. This bright sticker will say “Medicare” or “Medicaid”, and if your items have this label, they are illegal to resell. 

While it’s completely legal and safe to sell items not acquired through these aids, it is illegal to sell any government-funded diabetic supplies

Note the expiration date

How much we can offer you depends on how far your items are from expiring, as we have to provide plenty of time to ship, inspect, and sell these items to a new user safely. 

When you sell Freestyle Libre 2 supplies (including sensors and readers) with at least 6 months left before their expiration, you’re eligible for our maximum! Items with 4 to 6 months may be eligible for a 50% payout, but we can not accept items with less than 4 months from their expiration date. 

You can also sell Freestyle diabetes test strips to us! Keep in mind that these rules also apply, although the expiration date must be at least 10 months away to receive a full payout.

Take care of the packaging

The condition of your items’ packaging also plays a role in your payout. Keep in mind that we can not accept any item that is unsealed, severely damaged, and or leaking. 

When preparing to sell Freestyle Libre 2 supplies, do not attempt to peel off any stickers or labels. This could cause damage and lower your payout. When you ship your items to us, we recommend using tissue or newspaper to cushion them on their journey.

Come to Cash for Diabetics to sell Freestyle Libre 2 Supplies!

Ready to sell your freestyle test strips? As the most reliable company offering quick cash for test strips and beyond, we’ve made the process simple. Get started with our eligibility walkthrough using our instant buy-back tool, where we’ll confirm that we can accept your items. 

We’ll send you a prepaid box to ship us your items and the rest is on us! Simply sit back and relax and our inspection team will write your check as soon as we go through your box. You can always contact us to learn more about what determines your payout and our process as a whole, or stop by our FAQs. Getting paid has never been easier!