sell my freestyle test strips

Is It Easy to Sell Your Freestyle Test Strips?

A woman uses her laptop to search "sell my freestyle test strips"

If you’ve looked up “how to sell my Freestyle test strips,” the next question on your mind is probably “is it easy?” 

Short answer: yes! 

We understand that selling anything online can be intimidating, especially when it comes to medical supplies. 

Allow the Cash for Diabetics team to put your mind at ease! Selling unused diabetic test strips is safe, ethical, and 100% legal—so long as they aren’t government-provided. Here’s how to sell Freestyle Libre 2 supplies and test strips online.

Check your eligibility

Before you can sell your freestyle test strips anywhere, you have to check your eligibility. We’ve curated an instant buy-back tool to walk you through the process! Simply tell us a bit about your items: the brand, quantity, condition, and expiration date. 

Your test strips must be at least 10 months from their expiration date in order to receive a full payout, but we may be able to offer a partial payout for those with 3 to 9 months left. All seals must be intact, and your payout also reflects damages to the packaging. Once you’re done with this walkthrough, simply request your free kit!

Ship us your items

Once we’ve shipped a prepaid box to your doorstep, simply load up your items (cushioning them with newspaper) and return it to our warehouse. It’s that easy! 

Once you’ve returned your box to us, we’ll take care of the rest. After our inspection team has gone over our checklist we’ve provided to you on our pricing guidelines, we’ll write you a check that same day.

Ready to sell your Freestyle test strips the easy way? Come to Cash for Diabetics!

Getting cash for your spare diabetic supplies has never been more straightforward. As the most reputable company offering quick cash for test strips, Cash for Diabetics is dedicated to ensuring an unmatched experience from start to finish! Our simple process walks you through checking your eligibility (with our instant buy-back tool) all the way to getting your check. If you want to keep raking in the cash, you can also sign up for regular kit deliveries for an even easier process.

Our team will take care of the rest once we receive your items, writing you a check as soon as our inspection team gives the thumbs up. Have questions? We have answers! Contact us or stop by our FAQs to learn more about how to sell Freestyle diabetes test strips and beyond.