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Want to Sell Freestyle Diabetes Test Strips? Here’s How to Get Started!

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The majority of Americans think that more money would make them happier. While we’re not sold that money can buy happiness, we are aware that nearly half of us are struggling to make ends meet. With the costs of living continuing to rise (while salaries remain the same), getting some extra cash is always a good thing.

Rather than opting for a side hustle that entails a significant time commitment, why not sell some things you don’t need online? You’re freeing up storage, someone else gets something they need, and you can do it all right from your couch! 

Diabetic supplies are always in demand, so if you have spare supplies, you can always get quick cash. Cash for Diabetics has made it more straightforward and convenient than ever to sell Freestyle diabetes test strips—here’s a look at how it all works.

The science behind Freestyle’s testing technology

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Before we dive into the deep end, it’s important to test the waters. So before we break down how to sell Freestyle diabetes test strips, what exactly are diabetic test strips and how do Freestyle’s work? 

Test strips allow diabetics to easily check their blood sugar (AKA glucose) levels so they can adjust their diet and use insulin as needed to manage their health day-to-day. 

After pricking your finger tip with a sanitized lancet, you simply place your finger onto the test strip, insert your strip into the meter, and viola! 

Now you know your precise glucose levels. Freestyle’s test strips are uniquely designed to help you avoid sore fingers as they require very little blood for accurate results, minimizing the pain and hassle. 

While there are three main types of diabetes, Type 1, Type 2, and gestational, every diabetic experiences and manages their symptoms differently—not to mention our unique lifestyles. You can only use a test strip once, and depending on your diagnosis you may have to test 8 to 12 times per day

Trust us, this adds up fast, so it’s no wonder people buy in bulk.

Understanding the market demand

Freestyle test strips are easy to use, reliable, and relatively inexpensive compared to their competitors. With undeniable benefits, it’s no wonder their products are racking up hundreds of 5-star reviews!

Cash for Diabetics allows you to sell Freestyle diabetes test strips and other select brands based on the current market demand. Our pricing reflects the public supply available as determined by big pharma, with offers ranging depending on your item brand, type, quantity, and condition.

What happens if our pricing guidelines change after you’ve shipped your items

Although our pricing and the brands we accept can change, they don’t do so often. If you’ve already shipped your kit back to us to sell Freestyle diabetes test strips and since noticed a change in our pricing guidelines, we stick by our original offer from when you began the process. Our team is dedicated to ensuring full transparency and reliable payouts, no questions asked. 

Why should you sell Freestyle diabetes test strips?

Diabetes is not a stagnant disease, with many Type 2 patients going into remission over time and most gestational patients denouncing their diagnosis shortly after giving birth. We understand that other more upsetting scenarios may leave you with spare diabetic supplies, such as your insurance changing, your doctor recommending that you switch brands or your testing schedule, or a loved one with diabetes passing away. 

While some health insurances cover or partially cover the cost of test strips, others don’t—plus, we recognize that nearly 30 million Americans are uninsured. On average, patients with diabetes spend 2.3 times more than those without on medical expenses. 

This gap in healthcare has left many patients without access to necessary supplies, which is where you come in!

Rather than letting spare supplies take up your entire bathroom cabinet, why not sell them? When you sell Freestyle diabetes test strips, you’re not just helping yourself but also another diabetic who needs discounted products.

We know that selling anything online, especially medical products, can be intimidating. We’ve made the process simple and 100% online! 

You can use our built-in tools to guide you through every step and leave the rest to us. If at any point you have questions about how to sell Freestyle diabetes test strips, don’t hesitate to contact our agents.

How to start selling your leftover diabetics supplies

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Knowing where to begin is the hard part, so allow us to make it simple! If you’re looking up “the best place to sell my Freestyle test strips”, you’re just a click away. 

Cash for Diabetics has taken the guesswork and hassle out of the process, making it more convenient than ever before to sell Freestyle diabetes test strips and much more. 

Simply use our instant buy-back tool to confirm your eligibility. Tell us a bit about yourself (if you’ve sold to us before, your contact information, etc.) and a few details about your supplies. 

We’ll ask you to input your items’ brand, quantity, condition, and expiration date to confirm that we can accept them. Here, we’ll also ask you to inspect your items for an orange label before moving on. 

Once you’ve completed this walkthrough, we’ll direct you to our free kit request form. We’ll ship a prepaid box to you so you can load up your items and return them to our warehouse for processing. 

How long does it take to sell Freestyle diabetes test strips?

Let’s get down to what you’re really thinking—how long does this entire process take? Well, checking your eligibility and getting your free kit on its way to your doorstep only takes a matter of minutes. 

Once you’ve received your kit within the next 5 business days, loading up your items will only take another 5 minutes—Pro tip: remember to use tissue paper or newspaper to ensure their safe arrival and maximize your payout! 

We’ll receive your box within the next 5 business days, and once our inspection team gets to your items we’ll write you a check then and there. You’ll receive your payment in the mail within another 5 business days, so all in all the process only takes about 20 minutes of your time.

What if my packages do have an orange label?

A crucial part of checking your eligibility to sell Freestyle diabetes test strips is checking for an orange label, hence why we require that you check this box before moving onto the next step of selling your items. This sticker indicates that your supplies were provided through Medicare, Medicaid, or another form of government aid, which makes them illegal to resell anywhere

If your items do have an orange label, do not attempt to remove it and continue on with the process. Our team has access to information about where your strips came from and will still be unable to accept them.

Additionally, we recommend that you don’t try to remove any stickers yourself. This could inflict cosmetic damage to the box and lower your payout. Rest assured that our team will remove any identifying labels as soon as we receive your items, but feel free to use a magic marker to cross out your name if you’d prefer. 

What if my packages are damaged?

If your items’ original packaging is damaged, you may not be completely out of luck! When you sell Freestyle diabetes test strips, remember that their condition plays a role. 

We offer the highest payouts to test strips in mint condition and with at least 10 months left from their expiration date upon arrival. For items with minor cosmetic damage and or 3 to 9 months left before expiring, we may be able to offer a 50% payout.

Unfortunately, we can not accept any test strips with less than 3 months to use as it does not provide ample time to safely get into the hands of a new user. If any seals are broken or there is any sign of liquid damage, you can not sell Freestyle diabetes test strips to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Ready to sell Freestyle diabetes test strips with no strings attached? Come to Cash for Diabetics

Our team would love to take some weight off of your shoulders (replacing it with extra cash in your pocket) whether you’re looking to sell Freestyle Libre 2 supplies, GCM devices, or other diabetic technologies! Our clear cut process is centered around ensuring a positive experience when you sell Freestyle diabetes test strips, every single time. Many of our customers opt for regular shipments, however often they’d like to sell to us, to make the process even easier—but there’s never any pressure.

Ready to claim your payout? Get started today with our instant buy-back tool! Once you’ve finished and requested your free kit, you’re halfway there. Load up your items, return the box, and the rest is on us. Simply keep an eye out for your check in the mail.

Never hesitate to reach out to our experts with any questions; you can contact us by phone, chat us online, or stop by our FAQs and blogs for quick answers. 

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