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Why You Should Sell Unused Diabetic Supplies Online

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More than half of Americans admit to online shopping while on the clock, and it’s no wonder why! Don’t worry—we’re not here to rat you out to your boss. The convenience of browsing products on your phone or computer is unmatched, and thanks to Cash for Diabetics, selling your items is just as easy. 

Rather than letting your extra diabetic test strips and other expensive devices you’ve spent hundreds on waste away, why not sell them? Here’s why you should opt to sell unused diabetic supplies online

Avoid the dangerous “gray market”

Unfortunately, about 30 million people in the U.S. don’t have health insurance, leaving them to fend for themselves when it comes to paying for crucial diabetic supplies. This has led to an unsafe “gray market” of diabetics purchasing unregulated supplies. Without regulation, people run the risk of receiving unsealed or expired supplies.

Cash for Diabetics only allows you to sell unused diabetic supplies to ensure everyone’s safety.

Get access to transparent pricing and customer service

Unlike questionable diabetic “pawn shops”, when you sell unused diabetic supplies through our website you can trust your experience. You gain access to exceptional customer service and transparent pricing. 

As the best place to sell diabetic supplies, you never have to question how much you can sell diabetic test strips for

We always pay as promised, and you’ll know exactly how much to expect based on our pricing guidelines.

Come to Cash for Diabetics to sell unused diabetic supplies, no commitments required.

C4D curated a range of helpful tools to make it more convenient than ever to sell unused diabetic supplies online! Our instant buy-back tool will walk you through the process, leading you to requesting your free kit and getting paid ASAP. 

Have questions about how to sell diabetic supplies? Contact our agents (yes, they’re real people!) at any time or refer to our FAQs for more information. 

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