how to sell diabetic supplies

How to Sell Diabetic Supplies (The Easy Way)

More than half of Americans are struggling to make ends meet, so any additional income can make a world of difference—although we’d argue that just about anyone wouldn’t decline extra cash. Rather than taking on longer shifts or attempting to get your side hustle going, wouldn’t we all prefer to make money in just a few minutes selling things we don’t need right from our phones?!

Cash for Diabetics is proud to be the best place to sell diabetic supplies, and we’ve made the process more convenient than ever before. Here’s how to sell diabetic supplies completely online (in just a few clicks!). 

Check your eligibility

Before we dive into how to sell diabetic supplies, we have to check for a few things:

  • Your brand and product is on our list. Our pricing guidelines include up-to-date products and models we accept, as well as how much we can offer for them. While this list doesn’t change all too often, it is subject to change due to the ever changing market demand. 
  • Your items don’t have an orange label. This sticker indicates that your items were provided through government aid, such as Medicaid or Medicare, and are therefore illegal for any company to purchase. 
  • Your items are sealed and at least 3 months from their expiration date. Items in mint condition and at least 10 months from expiring are eligible for the highest payout, although we can offer 50% payouts for those with cosmetic damage and or 3 to 9 months left.

You can learn more about how to check your eligibility to sell diabetic supplies on our blog or get an online walkthrough with our instant buy-back tool.

Request your free kit 

The second step of how to sell diabetic supplies is getting your prepaid box. Simply fill out our form and we’ll ship your free kit to your doorstep.

Cash in your check!

After you’ve loaded up your test strips or GCM devices and returned your box to our warehouse, you’re all set! Our team will take care of the rest, writing and mailing your check the day we inspect your items.

Ready for your easiest payday yet? Come to Cash for Diabetics.

Kill two birds with one stone! When you sell unused diabetic supplies to C4D, you get quick cash and another diabetic gains access to crucial supplies. Our instant buy-back tool has made getting started simple, as we’re here to guide you through every step with unmatched transparency and attention to detail.

Still have questions about how to sell diabetic supplies? Never hesitate to contact us; our agents are always on standby and ready to assist you at any point in the process by phone call or over our online chat. For quick insights, remember to stop by our FAQs and blog

Getting paid has never been more simple.