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Your Guide to Selling Leftover Freestyle Diabetic Supplies

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Diabetics across the world rely on daily glucose testing to manage their health, and with hundreds of 5-star reviews online, many are opting for Freestyle Lite strips. Despite their relatively low cost, things can add up when you buy in bulk. 

If your diagnosis, insurance, or testing frequency has changed and you’ve found yourself drowning in supplies you no longer need, we’re here to help (and put some extra cash in your pockets)! 

The Cash for Diabetics team has spent years perfecting our process for selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies, and we’re still constantly looking for ways to improve. We understand that selling medical supplies online for the first time can be intimidating, so we’re here to answer any questions you may have! 

Here’s a look at some of the most common questions our agents answer when a customer asks us about how to sell freestyle test strips

Is selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies legal?

A common misconception is that reselling medical supplies is illegal. While doing so with prescription drugs is illegal, selling unused diabetic test strips and devices isn’t. Why? It’s 100% safe. Selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies to a reputable company ensures that your items are extensively inspected before being resold.

However, it is illegal to sell items provided by Medicare, Medicaid, or any other form of government funding. This isn’t a C4D policy, but rather a nationwide law. 

Is it ethical?

Our team knows that most situations that leave you with spare test strips are stressful. Whether you’ve lost a loved one to diabetes, your insurance coverage has changed, or more positively, you’ve recently overcome gestational diabetes after giving birth, we’re here to lend a helping hand. 

Selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies doesn’t just help you boost your cash flow, it also helps another diabetic gain access to discounted supplies that they rely on! 1 in 7 diabetics in the U.S. don’t test as often as they’re recommended due to financial struggles, so many turn to Cash for Diabetics’ resold items to mitigate the cost. 

Our experienced inspection team checks that all of your items are sealed, in good condition, and not expired before sending them off to a new user to ensure their safety and accurate results.

How much can you pay me for test strips?

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We understand that how much money you’ll get plays a significant role in deciding on selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies, so we’re completely transparent about our process. Your payout depends on the brand, quantity, quality, and expiration date of your items. 

We can not purchase any glucose test strips with less than 3 months to their expiration, as this does not provide enough time for our team to process your items and get them to a new user while they’re still accurate. 

The FDA warns that using expired diabetic tests can offer inaccurate results, which can lead to serious health concerns when a user attempts to regulate their blood sugar based on them. 

Opened test strips typically expire within 180 days, so if there is any sign of a broken seal, liquid draining, or severe damage to your items we may not accept them for these same efficacy reasons.

Our team offers the highest payouts for items that are at least 10 months from their expiration date and are in mint condition. If your items are cosmetically damaged and or are 3 to 9 months from their expiration date, we may be able to offer you a 50% payout. 

For each box of 100 Freestyle Lite test strips, we can offer you $20. So if you have a collection of boxes built up under your sink, you can rake in a few hundred dollars in just a few minutes! 

Keep in mind that our pricing reflects the current market demand and is therefore subject to change; however we stand by the offer we’ve listed online at the time of inspection.

Of course, we wish that we had more control over pricing, but big pharma is responsible for setting the standards in the medicine market (we’re just here to help!). For more in-depth information about how much we can offer you, please refer to our online pricing guidelines

How do you get started?

If you’ve looked up “How do I start selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies?”, you’re in the right place! Our team has made it as straightforward as possible, even curating helpful tools to walk you through every step.

So, how long does selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies really take? Checking your eligibility and requesting your free kit takes just a few minutes. Once you’ve received your prepaid box (which typically takes around 5 business days), you’ll ship it back to our warehouse (which takes around 5 more days). 

Upon inspecting your items, we’ll write you a check and mail it back to you that very day! All in all, the process takes about 2 weeks (but less than 10 minutes of your time hands-on). 

Checking your eligibility

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Before you begin selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies, you need to ensure that your items are eligible. Our instant buy-back tool will walk you through the process! Just let us know if you’ve sold to us before, what you’re selling, and how often you’d like to sell. 

We’ll ask you about the brand, quantity, condition, and expiration of your items so we can let you know if we can accept them. Once you’ve finished this walkthrough, you can refer back to our pricing guidelines so you know exactly what to expect when you receive your check. 

Getting your free kit

After checking your qualifications for selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies, it’s time to get your free kit! Simply provide your name, address, and contact information, and we’ll ship a prepaid box to your door. 

When loading up your items, remember to cushion them with newspaper to avoid any accidents along their journey to our warehouse in Florida. Also keep in mind that you should not attempt to remove any stickers from the packaging, as this could damage it and reduce your payout. 

Feel free to cross out your name with a magic marker if you’d prefer, but rest assured that we’ll remove any personal labels upon accepting your items. 

Getting your check

Once we’ve received your package, our inspection team will use the same checklist we’ve provided to you to determine how much we can pay you. We also take photos upon arrival for our own records, and encourage you to do the same beforehand, to ensure a transparent process.

At this point, your work selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies is done! We’ll write you a check as soon as we’ve inspected your items, which you’ll receive in the mail within a week. 

We understand that selling medical supplies online for the first time is intimidating, so we’re exceptionally committed to customer service. At any point in the process, you can contact or online chat our agents to remove any guesswork from the equation. 

After you’ve finished selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies, we may send you a brief questionnaire to ask you about your experience with us; we’re always looking to improve and guarantee a positive interaction from start to finish.

Can you sell on a regular basis?

Yes! Many of our customers choose to sign up for recurring kit shipments to make the process even more simple for the next time they want to sell—but there’s no pressure. Simply let us know how often you’d like to sell Freestyle Lite test strips (or any other diabetic supplies on our list) to us and we’ll schedule prepaid boxes to arrive at your doorstep accordingly. 

44% of Americans already have a “side hustle”, a job or hobby that they do outside of their full-time job for some extra cash, which can grow overwhelming when you’re working back-to-back jobs. Opting for regular kits cuts down the already minimal time commitment associated with selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies and provides a more steady flow of cash on the side! 

Where should you go to sell diabetic supplies? Short answer: Cash for Diabetics!

As the leading diabetic test strip buyers, Cash for Diabetics takes pride in our work, living by the golden rule. We’re honored to help diabetics across the U.S. mitigate the cost of their disease, making the process of selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies easier than ever before.

From your first click onto our website to cashing in your check, our team is here for you. Whether you’re looking for a singular easy pay day or a full-blown ongoing side hustle, you can count on C4D every time. 

Still have questions about selling leftover Freestyle diabetic supplies? Our agents are always on standby and happy to walk you through whatever you may need. Contact us or stop by our online FAQs and blog for more quick insights! We can’t wait to invite you to the C4D family.

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