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Get a Safe & Easy Pay Day! Sell Freestyle Lite Test Strips

A mature man with glasses tapes up a box to sell freestyle lite test strips

Knowing your blood sugar levels is the crucial first step to managing diabetic day-to-day. With thousands of positive reviews, Freestyle’s test strips offer dependable and efficient results at a lower price point than many other competitors; hence their high demand.

Finding this beloved brand of test strips on the shelves can be challenging, so those who do tend to stock up. However, sometimes unexpected bumps in the road can mean you no longer need them—such as your diagnosis or insurance changing. 

Rather than pawning off sentimental glassware or offering to clean your neighbor’s apartment for some extra cash, why not sell your spare test strips? Here’s how Cash for Diabetics makes selling leftover freestyle diabetic supplies easy and secure, and the best part is you can do it all from your phone!

How to maximize your payout 

To get started, simply click onto our website and select the instant buy-back tool (a green button in the upper-right corner).

This will walk you through confirming that you can sell Freestyle Lite test strips, including checking for an orange label because selling any medical products obtained through Medicaid or Medicare is illegal in the U.S. 

Simply let us know how many boxes you want to sell and we’ll ship a prepaid box to your door! Load up your items, cushioning them to ensure their safe journey, and we’ll mail you a check. 

Our pricing guidelines offer more in-depth requirements for achieving the max payout based on the condition and expiration of your items.

Our commitment to your safety and satisfaction

When it comes to deciding where to sell Freestyle Lite test strips, it comes as no surprise that most Americans prefer to shop and sell online. This grants you instant access to reviews, customer service, and even helpful online tools to guide you along. 

Cash for Diabetics is committed to ensuring your safety and that of the test strips’ new owner, so our process is built around efficacy. This is why we only accept test strips that are at least 10 months from expiration, as a new user using them after they’ve expired can lead to inaccurate results

Ready to sell Freestyle Lite Test Strips? Come to C4D!

The Cash for Diabetics team is dedicated to sticking to our word, so we’ve made the process as easy as possible and always pay as promised. To sell Freestyle test strips and other diabetic supplies, start by checking your eligibility in minutes with our instant buy-back tool.

Once you’ve double checked that we can accept your items, just provide your address and we’ll get a free kit on its way to your doorstep! Carefully load up your items, return the prepaid box to us, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Using the same checklist we’ve provided to you on our pricing guidelines, our inspectors will determine your payout and write your check that day. Never hesitate to contact us or stop by our FAQs with any questions about how to sell Freestyle Lite test strips as our specialists are always ready to help!