how much can I sell diabetic test strips for

How Much Can You Sell Diabetic Test Strips For?

“Side hustles” are exponentially growing in popularity, with 45% of Americans balancing more than 1 stream of income in the past year. If you’re looking for an easy pay day, you’re in the right place! Selling your leftover diabetic test strips is safe and easy, plus you can help one of the 34 million diabetics in the U.S. obtain crucial supplies at a discount.

Test strips play a significant role in a diabetics life, determining their glucose levels so that they can properly regulate their health. If you have a stash of spare diabetic supplies, getting paid is as simple as shipping us your items (which is on us!). We know what you’re probably thinking: “How much can I sell diabetic test strips for?”, so the Cash for Diabetics team has laid it all out. 

How pricing works

So, how much can you sell your test strips for? It depends on a few things, but start by checking that your items do not have an orange label on the packaging indicating that they were provided by Medicare or Medicaid. It is illegal for any company to purchase diabetic supplies funded by the government. 

how much can I sell diabetic test strips for? learn how to maximize your payout

Next, check that we can accept your brand on our
pricing guidelines which reflect the current market demand. Here, you’ll also find how much we can offer for each item. You’ll notice that the pricing reflects the item type and the amount of tests in a box, ranging from $2 to $70 for test strips and $15 to $150 for CGM devices.

Maximizing your payout

Our inspection team determines your final payout based on the condition and expiration of your items as follows:

  • Full payout: mint condition and at least 10 months from expiring
  • 50% payout: light/cosmetic damage and or 3 to 9 months from expiring
  • No payout: severe damage and or less than 3 months from expiring

Ready to sell your extra diabetic supplies? Cash for Diabetics makes it simple.

Now that we’ve answered the question “How much can I sell diabetic test strips for?”, it’s time to get the ball rolling! Cash for Diabetics is proud to be one of the nation’s leading diabetic test strip buyers and we’re dedicated to helping diabetics and caretakers mitigate the cost of their disease.

We’ve perfected our process to get cash in your pocket ASAP, always paying as promised. Try our instant buy-back tool for a step-by-step guide and we’ll ship your free kit to your doorstep. Just load up your items and we’ll take care of the rest! 

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