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What to Do With Leftover Diabetic Test Strips

People with Type 1 Diabetes can use up to 10 test strips every day, which adds up to nearly 4,000 a year! Many diabetics opt for buying in bulk, to lower the price tag and avoid constant trips to the pharmacy. However, no diagnosis is stagnant. If your diabetes type or severity has changed, you may not need to test as often.

Switching health insurances can also leave you with leftover diabetic test strips, so what should you do with them? We understand that most situations that lead to this scenario are frustrating, so we’re here to offer a simple way to reclaim some of your investment by selling your test strips. Here’s why you should consider selling your leftover diabetic test strips to Cash for Diabetics.

Why shouldn’t you just toss your extra supplies?

There are a few reasons you shouldn’t simply throw away your leftover diabetic supplies, the first being that you can get quick cash! There are millions of diabetics in the U.S., each depending on daily testing to live a healthy lifestyle. By selling your extras, you’re also helping another person gain access to discounted supplies.

If that’s not enough reason, diabetic supplies contaminated with blood samples (and or needles) should never be thrown in your regular trash bin. This can pose a threat to children, animals, and other people in the house. 

Where to sell your test strips online

There are a lot of diabetic test strip buyers on the web, so choosing one that is reliable is key. Always check for reviews on their website, transparent pricing information, and an in-depth look at their inspection process. You should never have to pay for anything (including shipping your items to their warehouse).

How much you’ll get paid

If you’re asking yourself, “How much can I sell diabetic test strips for?”, the answer is simple. Our pricing reflects the current market’s demands, and your payout depends on the brand, quantity, condition, and expiration of your items. Our offers range from $2 to $150, so remember to use our buy-back tool to get an estimate before getting started.

Ready to sell your leftover diabetic test strips? Come to Cash for Diabetics!

C4D has made selling your unused diabetic supplies as easy as possible. We’ve gone so far as to create an instant buy-back tool to walk you through the process! Simply use this as a guide to check your products’ eligibility and we’ll ship you a free kit. The best part—we always pay as promised.

Our agents are happy to answer any questions you may have, just contact us by phone or email or chat us online. You can also find quick information on our FAQs and recent blogs

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