Can You Sell Your Test Strips?

Can You Sell Your Test Strips?

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Just about anyone could use some extra cash, right? Whether you’ve recently given birth and have overcome gestational diabetes; lost a loved one with diabetes; or have simply overstocked on testing supplies, we’re here to help.

More than 30 million Americans are currently living with Type 1 or 2 Diabetes and 1.3 million of them have rationed their insulin, which can lead to serious health complications. Test strips are crucial to ensuring that you can safely and efficiently monitor your glucose levels and adjust your insulin intake as needed.

Studies have found that 1 in 7 people with Type 2 Diabetes use diabetic tests more often than medically advised on a daily basis. If you’re unsure how often you should be testing your glucose levels, speak with your doctor and check your insurance policy so you can decide if you should sell your test strips and reclaim your investment.

At Cash for Diabetics, our mission is to pay you for your spare supplies while helping those in need. If you’ve looked up “how to sell my test strips”, you’re in the right place! We understand that selling your test strips online for the first time can be intimidating, so we’ve broken down how you can get started.

Why would you have spare test strips?

You can only use a diabetic test strip once. Test strips act as sponges to soak up your blood sample and transform glucose into energy to deliver a signal at the meter. Depending on the type and severity of your diabetic diagnosis, you likely have to use these tests 2 to 10 times every day, hence why you likely purchase test strips in bulk.

You may have some leftover strips you’d like to sell for a range of reasons, including:

  • You’ve overcome gestational diabetes after completing a pregnancy
  • You’ve lost a family member with diabetes
  • Your prescription or insurance coverage has changed
  • Your doctor has advised you that you no longer need to test as frequently
  • You have free samples from a clinic
  • Your strips do not coincide with your meter brand
  • You purchased the wrong brand

We’ve streamlined the process to sell your test strips and recoup your financial losses through any of these sensitive circumstances.

Is it legal to sell your test strips?

The first question you probably have is, “Can I legally sell my test strips?”. Short answer: yes!

You can legally and safely sell your test strips (if they are unused) because they can be purchased over-the-counter. However, there are a few things that aren’t allowed as we’ve laid out in the following sections.

Moving on to another popular question: “Can I ethically sell my test strips?”. Diabetic education among the public is severely lacking, resulting in many patients having too many or not enough test strips. Diabetic test strips typically expire within 180 days of opening, and the FDA warns that using expired strips can provide false readings as their accuracy continues to decline past the expiration date.

So, rather than holding onto (and eventually wasting) the boxes of unused strips you’ve pushed to the back of your bathroom cabinet, and mind, sell your test strips! Not only will this give you a nice pay day, it will also provide supplies to another person in need of discounted supplies. You can rest assured that your strips will be carefully examined before giving the “okay” to send you your check and another person their package to ensure everyone’s safety.

What to check for before you send off your strips

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When it comes to getting quick cash for test strips, there are a few quick things to check before requesting your kit.

1. Look for Medicare and Medicaid labels

The only reason that you can not sell your test strips (assuming they are intact) is if they have been paid for by the federal government through Medicare or Medicaid. If you are unsure if your strips have been provided through government aid, check for a red line and bright sticker on the box that reads “Medicare” or “Medicaid”. If the box does contain this marking, you are not eligible to sell your test strips anywhere and should dispose of them at your local medical waste drop-off.

2. Check the expiration date

Ensure that your test strips are not expired, as no expired medical supplies can be legally and safely purchased online or in-person. As long as the expiration date is at least 3 months away, you can check this off and continue forward selling diabetic supplies.

3. Inspect the seals

Your payout will vary depending on a variety of factors dictated by the market, including the condition of your box. Mint condition offers the best return, so do not attempt to remove any stickers or labels, as this could cause damage and disqualify your strips. Our professionals will remove any unnecessary labels after receiving and approving your package, so simply ensure that all seals are intact before you sell your test strips. However, you are free to use a magic marker to cover personal identification labels if you so choose.

If your boxes are damaged, your payout will vary depending on the severity and location. We can never accept any package that is unsealed or has signs of liquid damage, but may be able to offer a 50% payout if damages are purely cosmetic.

4. Verify your brand

Cash for Diabetics purchases a wide range of test strip brands and CGM devices, but unfortunately we can’t buy them all. Browse our pricing information guidelines or use our instant buy-back tool to confirm your brand before requesting a kit.

When looking at our pricing, keep in mind that numbers are based on the current market demand and big pharma supply, and are subject to change over time. However, we always pay as promised (and always will) upon receiving your kit. We only purchase specific brands of test strips to meet these market demands, and our list of accepted brands doesn’t change all that often, so if you do not see your brand listed, we suggest looking into other companies as they may be interested in different brands.

5. Request a kit, send your items, and get paid!

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If your items have passed the test thus far, you’re ready to sell your test strips! Simply request a free kit online to get started. Once you’ve received your C4D kit in the mail, place your items into the box using newspaper or tissue paper as an interior cushion to ensure their safe arrival. A lot of our competitors also send free mail kits, ours comes in a white bag and includes a white box with a pre-attached prepaid shipping label that returns it to Cash for Diabetics in Delray Beach, FL.

Your prepaid shipping label (courtesy of our team!) will already be applied to the package for your convenience. To keep track of your package after sending it, remember to note the USPS tracking number on the label to follow the shipment’s progress on

Once we’ve received your package, we take photos throughout the inspection process to maintain transparency with our customers. P.S. We encourage you to take photos prior to shipping too! Once our inspectors have verified your items, we’ll send you a check in the mail that same day—typically arriving within 2 to 8 business days after.

We take cyber security seriously, so we don’t offer digital forms of payment at this time in order to maintain your account’s safety and ours.

Should you ever throw away test strips?

After using a test strip, the best way to discard them is by putting them with your contaminated sharps and dropping the entire container off at a local hazardous waste drop-off. You should never throw diabetic supplies into your regular home trash bin, as this can endanger family, friends, and pets.

Beyond pocketing some extra cash, you can also minimize your contribution to landfills when you sell your unused test strips! The average American produces 4.4 pounds of trash every day, so cutting back to any degree can offer less environmental pollution. While recycling diabetic supplies is tricky, offering your intact kits to another person in need is a win-win for everyone.

Request a Cash for Diabetics kit today to sell your test strips!

There are no strings attached here. As the largest company offering cash to sell diabetic supplies, Cash for Diabetics is proud to offer a hassle-free process that benefits everyone.

Not sure that your diabetic test strips are eligible? Try our convenient buy-back tool for a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure you get the best deal when you sell your test strips. Simply tell us if you’ve sold to us before, what products you’re looking to get rid of, and how often you plan on sending, and we’ll send a mail kit your way! Remember that you don’t have to sell your test kits to us regularly, although it is an option that many of our customers choose; there’s no pressure!

Browse our website to learn more about how it works, pricing, and get instant reliable information from our FAQs. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts so we can fill in any blanks and put your mind at ease.

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