Can You Sell Unused Diabetic Supplies? | How the Market Works

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If you’re diabetic, or have a loved one who is, you know how much space all of your test strips and devices take. Unfortunately, sometimes we end up being unable to use these supplies we’ve already purchased, whether your diagnosis or insurance has changed or your brand has been discontinued. Rather than letting your investment dwindle, why not recoup your losses?

Can you sell unused diabetic supplies? Short answer: yes! Here’s how Cash for Diabetics ensures a safe and positive experience for all. 

Can you sell unused diabetic supplies legally?

So long as your items are not government provided and their seals are intact, yes!

Our instant buy-back tool walks you through the process of ensuring your eligibility, whether you’re looking to sell CGM devices or test strips. Keep an eye out for a bright orange label, as this indicates that your items were provided by Medicaid, Medicare, or another form of government aid. It is illegal for anyone to purchase government-funded medical supplies.

Can you sell unused diabetic supplies ethically

Our mission is to mitigate the cost of diabetes for diabetics and caretakers across the nation. Beyond ensuring your safety, we’re also invested in the safety of your products’ new users. Not only are you putting extra cash in your pocket, you’re also helping another diabetic gain access to discounted supplies they depend on to lead a healthy life!

To avoid inaccurate testing results (which can lead to serious health risks), we only accept test strips with at least 3 months left to expiration and GCM devices at least 4 months from expiration. Our pricing guidelines lay out how the further your items are from their expiration date, the higher your payout when you sell diabetic supplies. 

Look no further than C4D for a transparent buying process

Now that we’ve answered the question “Can you sell unused diabetic supplies?”, what are you waiting for? Getting paid to help another diabetic is a win-win, and the best part is you can do it all from your device in just a few minutes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at any point with further questions or stop by our convenient FAQs page. To get started, simply use our instant buy-back tool and request your free kit today, the rest is on us!