What a Mess! Sell Test Strips and CGM Supplies and Earn a Spring Cleaning Bonus Payout

CashForDiabetics.com wants to give our loyal customers EXTRA CASH for getting a jump start on their SPRING CLEANING. Now through April 30th, any shipment valuing over $200 will receive an extra $20 to their payout! Clean up that cabinet by selling test strips and CGM supplies!

Only kits returned to us before April 30th will be eligible and the value of your shipment must exceed $200 to receive the extra $20 BONUS PAYOUT.

Simply fill up this box be you will be eligible for the SPRING CLEANING BONUS CASH PAYOUT. Our payouts are WAY UP for CGM supplies and some test strips so there is no better time to earn this bonus.

The mail kit will contains a shipping box, pre-paid shipping label and step-by-step instructions for mailing us your extra diabetic test strips. Once we receive your package, we’ll mail your check within just one business day just like always. If the total payout exceeds $200 then you will get the $20 additional SPRING CLEANING CASH BONUS!

Remember, only products listed on our price table (both on our website and included with your free mail kit) are eligible for purchase. Please review before looking to sell test strips or sell CGM supplies.

SPRING CLEANING IS ONLY GOOD THROUGH THE END OF APRIL so take advantage of it now by sending us your excess diabetic supplies to sell test strips and CGM supplies! Click here to get the process started – the faster you do, the sooner you’ll get your money!

As always, we cannot thank you enough for your business.