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Diabetes patients and caregivers understand the financial toll that diabetes can entail. Cash for Diabetics is dedicated to mitigating the cost of the disease, so you can get back to what really matters!

As a digital service agency based in Delray Beach, Florida, Cash for Diabetics streamlines the process of selling unused diabetic test strips and CGM devices. 

What YOU Get

Whether you’re a new visitor or you’ve worked with us before, we hope you’ll enjoy our resource-packed and easy-to-navigate website we built with the help of an award-winning website agency, Lifted Logic.

During the meticulous web design process, we took our time laying out every single chunk of text and image to best serve you.

Our new site has maximized your online experience, making the process of selling your unused test strips easier than ever! From one convenient place, you can:

We also had a blast capturing our team’s typical collaborations during a professional photoshoot. We hope our new videos and images provide a glimpse of the people behind the screen, carrying out our mission to alleviate the cost of diabetes.

The Cash for Diabetics team is the epitome of trustworthiness and professionalism. If you’re debating between which company to sell back your test strips or devices to, look no further than Cash for Diabetics!

— Emma Levine, Lead Project Manager at Lifted Logic

A safe, reliable, and stress-free way to get paid for your extra supplies

Feel free to explore our website for more information or contact us today for more information about our services! 

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