Sell Test Strips – Golden Ticket Explainer

So you opened your FREE MAIL KIT to sell test strips for cash and/or CGM products for cash and you noticed that there was a notecard in your kit. Congrats! You are the lucky winner of a special bonus payout opportunity. Read below for information about what each color means and how you can earn more BONUS money!

We had over 200 customers earn bonus payouts from our recent GOLDEN TICKET promotion and we want to keep the bonuses coming. The Golden Ticket bonus still applies but we have added two additional bonuses that you can achieve with every shipment! Request a free mail kit and if your kit has a notecard in it then you could be eligible for a bonus!

Yellow = $5 bonus for every 3 eligible for purchase products that you send
Blue = $10 bonus for every 5 eligible for purchase products that you send
Red = $2 bonus for every eligible for purchase product that you send (minimum of 5 products)

To earn the bonus, all you have to do is return a shipment to us (remember to INCLUDE the card that came with your box) and enough qualified eligible for purchase products. YES it’s that simple!

Are you unsure if your products are eligible? Use our INSTANT BUYBACK TOOL to check if your supplies are eligible! The complete purchase list is also included with your free mail it.

Haven’t requested a free mail kit to sell your test strips for cash yet but want a chance to win? Simply click the GET FREE KIT button and get started!

Thank you for your business and congrats on being a lucky winner!!