Thank you, your kit is on the way!

Thanks for requesting your mail kit! It will arrive in 3-8 business days via United States Postal Service.

Once your kit arrives, simply review ALL OF THE INCLUDED INFORMATION and complete the following easy steps in order to receive money for your excess, unused diabetic testing supplies.

  • Inspect the items you are selling. Make sure they are factory sealed and unexpired. If there are any stickers or labels on the box please leave them on and we will remove them. If you attempt to remove the labels, damage caused to the box by improper removal of a sticker may disqualify the submission.
  • Place the items you are selling in the prepaid box you’ve been provided. You can use newspaper or tissue paper to cushion the interior of the box so the contents don’t get damaged in shipping.
  • Tape the box shut. Note that the pre-paid shipping label should already be stuck on the outside of your package.
  • Take your package to your local USPS post office or have your mail carrier pick it up.
  • Receive your payment by mail!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We look forward to paying you for your supplies!